Did you know that Abell Funeral Home can provide you with high quality, personalized memorials?  

Abell Funeral Home is partnered with a family owned monument company enabling us to provide the finest monuments that best express your wishes.   We take the the time to listen and educate so you can choose the monument that best commemorates your loved ones life,  providing you with that perfect memorial reflecting the life lived. 

Cemetery monuments can be made from various materials, such as granite, marble or bronze.  Granite is the most commonly used monument material in our area.  It  comes in various colors from greys, blacks and reds.  Granite is a durable and natural stone and is normally the most cost effective.  Marble is a softer material than granite, therefore not as popular, due to the fact that over the years our West Texas windstorms can sandblast the engraving away, making them hard to read.  Bronze is a precious metal, and has to be cast with the design a family chooses.  Due to the casting process,  designs can sometimes be more limited that with granite or marble.  Bronze monuments are often meant to be placed, or set, on a sturdier product, such as granite or concrete underliners.

 With Abell Funeral Home, you will find a wide array of quality products that will create an everlasting memory of your cherished one's lifetime.  We use state of the art computer programs allowing endless opportunities in design.